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Soil is a living system filled with biological life we can’t always see. It supports microscopic organisms that form part of the soil environment. These micro-organisms help to make soil nutrients more available to plants by forming a network that transports the nutrients to the plant roots in a plant available form.  Beneficial fungi, bacteria and free living nematodes in the soil can also compete with or prey upon harmful micro-organisms including fungal and bacterial diseases in the soil, thus, reducing a crops exposure to soil borne pests and diseases.

For microbes to thrive, they need organic material as a food source. In healthy soil the organic compounds are naturally cycled through the soil, but too often farming practices deplete the soil of these natural resources. By changing our management systems we keep soils healthy for the future. Crops respond to healthy soils and experience less stress.

OmniBio has been scientifically formulated to feed specific beneficial microorganisms in the soil and encourages microbial diversity. Fungi and other beneficials prosper and spread through the soil bringing water and nutrients to crops that might otherwise have not been available. Improving the microbial diversity also means increasing beneficial biological predators making the soil environment more balanced and significantly reducing diseases and other harmful pathogens. Reducing disease and improving nutrient uptake means plants have more energy for growth and production.









The above graph shows before and after OmniBIO soil treatment in Maize.  It demonstrates dramatic increases in beneficial predatory free living nematodes and a severe reduction in harmful parasitic nematodes post treatment.

The biological approach through using OmniBio to revive the soil, is the new and sustainable way to increase future yields and decrease risks.

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