OmniMol has the following benefits:

• Necessary for nitrogen metabolism;
• Necessary for chlorophyll;
• Assists within iron and phosphate metabolism

Can be applied by boom spray, aerial spray or fertigation.

Foliar Applications: Several applications may be required, 7-10 days apart. Avoid spraying over flowering.

Cereals: 50-300 ml/ha.  Apply 3-5 leaf stage.

Vegetables: 100-500 ml/ha .  Apply 2-4 leaf stage.

Lucerne & Clover: 100-500 ml/ha.  Apply annually.

Fruit Trees: 100-500 ml/ha. Apply annually.

Fertigation/Soil Applications:
Apply as required but do not exceed 1 litre/ha per application. Several applications may be required.

When mixing with other liquid fertilizers, test for compatibility with a small quantity in a jar.




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