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Economic Spray On formulation – Gelseal

Subsequent to the international success of Omnia’s Greenseal product for the control of Eutypa lata, Omnia has further developed and registered an economic Spray On formulation – Gelseal.

Both of these products now assist in providing better Eutypa lata protection for all sizes of pruning wounds, Greenseal for the larger pruned canes and Gelseal for the smaller and harder to manage vines. Omnia’s Technical Specialist Dr Teferi Belyaneh reports Gelseal is specifically formulated to provide excellent Eutypa control in a convenient spray on formulation that ensures better coverage of the pruned canes and control of the fungus.

Eutypa lata, also known as ‘dead arm disease’, is a very destructive disease of grapevines, resulting in yield decline and quality deterioration if left untreated. Spores of Eutypa lata invade the vine via pruning wounds and colonise wood tissue and causes dieback of cordons, stunting of green shoots, leaf yellowing and distortion, poor fruit set, loss in production and eventual death of the vine.

Dr Mark Sosnowski (from SARDI) has been involved in industry research, exploring various alternatives for managing Eutypa. Dr Sosnowski conducted vineyard trials in the Barossa Valley (South Australia), to evaluate Gelseal for control of Eutypa dieback. These results showed Gelseal significantly reduced the recovery of Eutypa Lata (see graph) in pruned canes.

It is recommended that at least 30mL/100L of Gelseal be applied for effective control of Eutypa dieback, and should be applied only during the dormant winter period on fresh pruning wounds. Preferably, use a low drift nozzle setup and consider a recapture and recirculating sprayer. Application should be made the same day as pruning and under conditions allowing sufficient drying time. After the treated areas have dried, worker re-entry can be allowed. Only one spray per season is sufficient.

For further information on combating this crippling disease contact Omnia’s Specialist Agronomist in your area.

Gelseal graph
Table 1: Recovery of Eutypa lata grapevine canes
treated with Gelseal when inoculated on day of pruning.
Extracted from: Mark Sosnowski (SARDI), July 2014





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