FoliCal19, is a high analysis, flowable and rapidly available source of calcium. Calcium is arguably the most important single micronutrient in high production agriculture. Calcium is used to strengthen cell walls and membranes, essential for fruit quality and longer shelf life. Ensuring that the dividing cells receive all the calcium they require is a real challenge.
FoliCal19 contains fulvic acid which is a natural chelating agent to assist the plants uptake of Ca. Regular foliar application of FoliCal19 will alleviate Ca deficiencies due to limited root uptake and slow movement of Ca in mature plant parts.

Benefits of FoliCal19 include:
● Specific pH for improved uptake
● Ready to use formulation
● Ideal for foliar application and fertigation
● Higher quality crops and improved shelf life
● The highest Ca concentration formulation on the market
● Convenient, value for money and crop safe

FoliCal19 can be applied as a foliar spray, or through fertigation systems.
See label for application rates.

FoliCal19 is available in 20 litre, 200 litre and 1000 litre containers.




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