Calcium Nitrate

15.5% N, 19.6% Ca The perfect granule, ideal for greenhouse and field applications.

Uses and Benefits

Your number one choice for stable, rapidly available Calcium and Nitrate Nitrogen. Balanced plant growth Structural strength The answer to continuous Ca uptake Health, uniformity and yield Shelf life and keeping quality Flexible application Can be applied by fertigation – very soluble Can be evenly banded or broadcast – hard, even granule Can be applied as a foliar application.

Agronomic Advantages: Nitrate Nitrogen is not effected by temperature and is still available in wet and cold conditions Unlike Urea, it is not lost to the atmosphere, nor does it acidify soils Nitrate Nitrogen enhances the uptake of Calcium and Potassium, whereas the ammonia in Urea can be an antaganistic to the uptake of these important elements Calcium is an essential nutrient for the developments of young tissue, roots, shoots and fruit Calcium in soils in the form of Limestone or Gypsum is slowly soluble and often not sufficiently available when needed Calcium is taken up only through actively growing new roothair tips, or direct contact with tubers or fruit and through foliar application Calcium is strongly associated with fruit health – bitter pit, blossom end-rot and hollow heart Calcium is recognised as a critical element in fruit firmness and keeping quality OmniCAL- A class of its own Omnia Calcium Nitrate utilises a patented granulation process, making it unique from other prilled or chrystalline products, which are often of lower quality and analysis.  The hardened granules offer greater stability whilst maintaining maximum solubility and purity, making OmniCAL one of the cleanest, purest Calcium Nitrate products on the planet. OmniCAL Calcium Nitrate- unsurpassed purity and quality 2012 saw the launch of Omnia’s new Nitric Acid plant in Sasolburg, South Africa.  The plant also produces  Ammonium Nitrate and Calcium Nitrate for use in mining and agriculture.  The new plant was constructed in a record breaking 21 months and utilises world class German engineering making it one of the cleanest, most efficient plants of its kind in the world. Designed for green sustainability The new nitric acid complex is designed to exacting world-class and ‘green’ standards. Omnia has installed the EnviNOx® emissions mitigation technology at both its new and old nitric acid plants in Sasolburg, which eliminates 98% of greenhouse gas emissions. Omnia is already the first company in South Africa to amass over 1 million carbon credits (42% of the southern African total), and the new nitric acid plant alone should generate up to 350 000 carbon credits annually. When the new plant is running at full capacity, waste steam from the production process piped through a turbine generates approximately 50% of the total electricity demand for the entire Sasolburg site, including both plants. This will substantially reduce power costs and the effect of steep electricity price increases, while further reducing the group’s carbon footprint. Application: Calcium Nitrate is used at strategic times in the development of fruit trees in conjunction with other fertilisers. It is particularly suitable for post harvest applications in stone and pomefruit and vines – flower quality, fruitset and early fruit development Application Rate: From 100-250 kg per hectare. Contact your Omnia Crop Science Agronomist for more information. Typical Analysis (wt/vol):

Total Nitrogen (N)15.5%Ammonium Nitrate (NH4)<1.2%
Total Calcium (Ca)19.6%Calcium as Calcium Oxide (CaO)27.5%
Water (H2O)<14%


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