Our Company

Our Company
Omnia Specialities Australia is a leading manufacturer of specialty fertilizers including humates, fulvates and seaweed products based in Victoria Australia. The Humates are made from top quality leonardite.

The company has been manufacturing humate soil conditioners and fertilizers in Australia since 1990, and was acquired by the Omnia group in 2003. The Omnia Group is a fundamental producer of a wide range of fertilizers and holds a solid position in the top hundred companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Omnia Specialities Australia has a company philosophy based around sustainable agriculture with an emphasis on optimising the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils. Our foremost challenge is to manufacture organic based soil conditioners and fertilisers that maximise and sustain soil productivity for the benefit of our customers.

In recent years Omnia’s product range has expanded to include bio-stimulants, trace elements, foliar fertilizers and kelp products, all with an organic base. In addition, Omnia imports a full range of water soluble fertilizers distributed through a network of port stores. Omnia Specialities Australia has its manufacturing plant and warehouse in Morwell, Victoria. Due to our access to unique raw materials in Australia and our innovative product development, we have grown into the largest Australian manufacturer of natural humate based products.

Our team of highly qualified agronomists and agricultural scientists are committed to continual development of new products which are in-line with the company philosophy. Our collaboration with Monash University and other research institutions in Australia, provides additional resources for product development and testing.

All employees are committed to the company’s core values of:

  • Honesty and integrity in all our business dealings
  • High quality service
  • Innovative product development
  • Open communication with all stakeholders
  • Genuine concern for the environment


Humates – The most concentrated humates in the world. Omnia is a proud Australian producer of top quality humate products.

K humate 26% is a leading liquid humate; K-humate S100 a concentrated granular soil conditioner.

Purakelp – A well-researched and highly active seaweed product.

Trace Elements – The Mates range of trace elements are a high performance organically chelated range of trace elements for every application.

Water solubles – Omnia is a leading brand, carrying a full range of water solubles in Australia

Health products – Greenseal/Gelseal – pruning wound treatment and a range of elicitor based products proven to improve plant health.

All products are available across Australia and internationally.


OmniSap – A plant sap analysis service – providing “the blood test for plants”

OmniSoil – Omnia provides a comprehensive report showing absolute values as well as providing graphic views of the correct ratios and balances required for optimum nutrition, coupled with product specific recommendations to remedy the problems.

OmniBio – An OmniBio™ analysis offers enzyme assays as a means of determining a microbial population’s potential to degrade or convert carbon, phosphorus and nitrogen substrates to plant-available nutrients.

Morwell production facility – Production of a range of humates, Foliars and trace elements with distribution access to the whole country.

Country wide stores – Omnia have storage at all the major Australian ports providing easy access for customers.

Export capability – Omnia products are currently used in around 30 countries.

Links and information to the Omnia parent company can be found on www.omnia.co.za