Our Company

Omnia Specialities Australia is a leading manufacturer of Humate and Fulvate products based in Victoria Australia. The Humates and Fulvates are made from top quality leonardite.

The company had been manufacturing humate soil conditioners and fertilisers in Australia since 1990, and was acquired by the Omnia group in 2003. Omnia Specialities Australia has a company philosophy based around sustainable agriculture with an emphasis on optimising the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils. Our foremost challenge is to manufacture organic based soil conditioners and fertilisers that maximise and sustain soil productivity for the benefit of our customers.

In recent years the product range has been expanded to include Trace elements, foliar fertilizers and Kelp products, all with an organic base. Omnia Specialities Australia has its manufacturing plant and warehouse at Morwell, Victoria. Our marketing office is in Melbourne, the business capital of Australia. Due to our access to unique raw materials in Australia and our innovative product development we have grown into the largest Australian manufacturer of natural humate based products.

Links and information to the Omnia parent company can be foundĀ on www.omnia.co.za