About Humates

What K-Humate does for you


  • Stimulates growth of beneficial soil fungi and bacteria
  • Provides readily available source of carbon for soil micro-organisms


  • Good  chelating properties which reduce loss of nutrients due to leaching and run-off
  • Free-up many soil-bound nutrients, particularly phosphates, calcium and micro-nutrients
  • Lock-up aluminium in acidic soils which is harmful to plant growth
  • Good buffering capacity which helps stabilise the soil against strong pH changes from fertiliser applications


  • Promotes soil agglomeration and better soil structure
  • Opens up heavy clays and hard, compact soils
  • Helps soil wetting which reduces surface soil crusting and improves water penetration and retention in the soil

K-humate® rejuvenates heavy clays which are compact and impenetrable to water and nutrients.
When soils dry out, water is removed from between the clay particles, causing them to move very close together, shrink in volume and form cracks in the ground. This cracking in the ground is a common feature in clayey soils which are poor or devoid of organic matter. Humic acids in nature interact with the clay particles and prevent them from sticking closely together when they dry out in the summer. The more open clay structure will be able to retain more water for plant use.

Soil Moisture

Soil organic matter (humus) has a great ability to hold nutrients in the soil until they are required by plants. It is the humic acid molecules in the humus which hold most of the nutrients from applied fertilizers.
K-humate®, with its high concentration of humic acids, greatly improves the ability of sandy soils to hold many essential nutrients such as ammonium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and the trace elements.

Humic acids, which are trapped in cracks and pores and adhered to the surfaces of sand particles, hold onto many important nutrients which would have been otherwise lost to leaching.

Sustaining balanced nutrition

Like the saying goes, “You are what you eat”. Similarly, the well being of plants depends not only on what you feed your plants, but also on the availability of the nutrients in your applied fertilizers and how successfully the plants are able to take these nutrients through their root system and foliar.

K-humate® soil conditioner increases the movement of calcium down the subsoil and plant root zone where it is most needed. Greater calcium concentration in the soil treated with K-humate® was evident down to a depth of 16cm. This means quicker response from applied calcium in terms of nutrient availability and plant uptake.
Calcium is important in promoting plant cell development which will result in healthier plants, greater resistance to diseases and better crop quality.

Scientific studies have shown that a large proportion of your fertilizers are locked-up in the soil soon after application, particularly phosphates, calcium and micro-nutrients.
K-humate® can unlock some of the bound phosphate and micro- nutrients in the soil by chemical reactions which solubilise the fixed phosphates. Additional phosphates are also released by microbial activity brought about by the presence of K-humates.


Better root growth

K-humate® also stimulates greater root growth in seedlings and mature plants resulting in higher nutrient uptake in plants and a greater ability to tolerate extended dry spells between irrigations or rainfall. A more extensive root system growth promotes greater plant vigor and better crop yield and quality.